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Boutique Tax Firm
Income Tax, Foreign Reporting, Small Business Accounting, and IRS Problems.

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To become a client, scroll to the bottom of this page, choose the type of consultation you want, and make an appointment online. Before you get there, read about our engagements, fees, and how to prepare.

Engagement Process

Initial Consultation

New clients start with an initial consultation. Choose to meet in-person or virtually.

Become a Client

Engagement is confirmed after delivery of documents and invoice payment.

Renew Engagement

Clients reengage services annually; after January but before April.

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Fixed-Fee Invoice

Fees for tax preparation are based on the:

  • Forms & Statements we prepare;
  • Tax Documents analyzed or reported;
  • Research & Calculations required.

50% of the consultation fee paid will be discounted from the final invoice. Discount valid for 7 days.

Initial Consultation

All our services start with an initial, one-on-one, consultation. Depending on where you are in the world, both in-person and video consultations are available. For those unable to visit our headquarters in Huntington Beach, appointments will be held in our newly constructed Virtual Office.

What To Expect 

We use this time to gather the information needed to prepare your tax return. For you, it’s a great time to try us out, with less financial commitment, before becoming a long-term client.


How to Prepare

Complete TaxSheets™

Tax Sheets™ is a collection of organizers and worksheets that help clients prepare. For tax preparation, all clients start with the General Tax Organizer; a checklist resource updated annually.

For those with self-employment or rental property income, complete the Small Business Worksheet and Rental Property Worksheet as well.

Collect Tax Documents

Original documents or a paper copies:

  1. General Tax Organizer (Completed)
  2. Letter of Engagement  (Singed & Dated)
  3. Tax Documents for Reporting Year (2023)
  4. Last Filed Federal & State Tax Return (2022)
  5. Small Business Worksheet or Rental Property Worksheet (if applicable)

If you are missing a document on the date of your appointment, there is an automatic one-week grace period. All other situations will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Share Your Documents

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