Our fees are always disclosed upfront once we understand your tax reporting needs. Our most common tax preparation services and fees for individuals include:

Standard Deduction

Form 1040 + State

| $200 |

Federal income tax return required for all US taxpayers. Includes one W-2, up to three bank and brokerage transactions, and Schedules 1-6.

Itemized Deductions

Schedule A

| $100 |

Federal or state deductions may include medical and dental expenses, taxes, mortgage interest, and charitable contributions. CA 540 Included.

Interest and Dividends

Schedule B

| $200 |

Reports taxable interest or ordinary dividends over $1,500 and interests in foreign accounts and trusts.

Profit or Loss from Business

Schedule C

| $200 |

Reports income or loss from activities as a business. May include sole proprietorships, contractor labor, or services in the ‘sharing economy’.