Every year, from mid-January thru April 15th, the IRS and California FTB require taxpayers to file a tax return. For most, this process can be overwhelming; especially, for those who attempt it on their own. Whether, you are searching for a new Huntington Beach accountant, need a California-based tax advisor you can rely on year-round, or no longer feel comfortable preparing taxes on your own then we are a reputable option that’s available to you.

Since we opened our doors in 2013, we’ve consistently been top rated on Google and a 5-star busines on Yelp. For the past three years (2018-2020), we have been recommended on Three Best Rated for tax services in Huntington Beach. It’s these accolades, our trusted reputation in the community, and the support of our loyal clientele that motivate us to provide excellent service year-after-year.

So, if you are new to our firm, please review our most common services and fees for individual returns and then schedule an appointment. Once we’ve invested the time to review your documents and discuss your situation in detail, we’ll disclose our fixed-fee upfront. Rest assured, that there is no cost for an in-person estimate and it’s offered under obligation.

Standard Deduction

Form 1040 + State

| $350 |

Federal income tax return required for all US taxpayers. Includes one W-2, up to three bank and brokerage transactions, and Schedules 1-6.

Itemized Deductions

Schedule A

| $75 |

Federal or state deductions may include medical and dental expenses, taxes, mortgage interest, and charitable contributions. CA 540 Included.

Interest and Dividends

Schedule B

| $200 |

Reports taxable interest or ordinary dividends over $1,500 and interests in foreign accounts and trusts.

Profit or Loss from Business

Schedule C

| $325 |

Reports income or loss from activities as a business. May include sole proprietorships, contractor labor, or services in the ‘sharing economy’.